about us

Preprava loďouCompany RiD Ltd. located in Kosice can offer a wide range of confectionery not only for your children. Spend your time together with puffy corn fingers filled with cream of various flavors, which are suitable for all ages, including people who suffer from celiac disease.

Material necessary for the production of many products and addition of everyday life is milk powder. Fill in your power through whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, or whey powder.

Our company also has an extensive range of hand-carved natural stone articles, sandstone and white, pink or light-brown or blue-gray marble color. Preprava kamiónom!Decorative value inserted into resistant and durable stone is a good investment for the future.

We also offer a number of land for sale, as well as spaces for rent. We will fulfill your dreams and help you find a suitable place where you can spend good time with your loved ones.

Your satisfaction is our priority !